A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting Started

This guide helps you to get the SegEM code running on your own laptop.

  1. git clone git@github.com:mhlabCodingTeam/SegEM.git SOME_DIRECTORY
  2. sudo mount -t davfs https://segem.rzg.mpg.de/webdav SOME_MOUNTPOINT
  3. Start MATLAB with workings directory SOME_DIRECTORY
  4. Set the data directory that is requested upon startup (initalSettings.m) to SOME_MOUNTPOINT
  5. Follow the inline instructions/comments in each script after reading the supplied README and determining what you want to do
  6. NOTE: Currently the cortex dataset is not yet publicly availible (therefore some routines will not work as supplied).
  7. Read the documentation to check out all features of SegEM.
  8. Make it yours and add your own ideas & content.

Check out the documentation for all the tricks ›